Saravá Store

Saravá is an interjection used as a form of greeting. A word of Brazilian origin, which came from the word “save” in colonial times.

Boutique Saravá, at the Porto Imperial Pousada in Paraty, welcomes the good things in Paraty’s life, style and culture, offering a diversity of products selected for quality and exclusivity.

The “grocery” section has great wines, snacks for boat trips, organic spices, Italian handmade pasta, pâtés, tea, thermal bag, regional wicker baskets. The ceramics are an exclusivity of Cunha, where they are made with the technique and Japanese ovens, resulting in a work of art. From the region also, fiber products such as fans and rugs and paintings and pieces by local artists.

Saravá offers embroidered gowns and outfits, in light fabrics and beautiful and practical handbags for any situation, as well as accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and so on.
Check also the part of convenience and children’s utilities.

Guest of the Pousada Porto Imperial receives 10% discount for purchases over R $ 50.00.
Saravá !!!